EasyDocuments(Document Management System)

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EasyDocuments is designed to be simple and easy to use, thereby reducing the amount of time to get adapt to the software. Our Simple user interface makes it easy for you to organize your documents.

  • Familiar Windows Explorer style document library for easy retrieval
  • Add, edit or delete folders on the fly to better organize the documents
  • In-built Document viewer allows you to view PDF, Word, Excel or Images without having to install the software or reader.
  • Intuitive user interface to scan, upload and tag multiple documents

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With various search and retrieval options such as document title and creator, etc; document tag and full-text indexing, a methodology that ensures all relevant pages are returned, according to a user's needs.

  • Real time search functionality to easily locate the document
  • Search based on document name, document category, tag or keyword
  • Built-in OCR allows you to search based on content inside the document

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EasyDocuments help you organize your business documents and files in centralized digital filing cabinets.Further, it seamlessly convert paper in electronic format for better distribution and collaboration.

  • Folder structure is similar to windows explorer. Create Folders and Sub-Folders to quickly categorize your documents. Attach simple text tags to every document.
  • Comprehensive Version control to store multiple versions of document throughout the document life cycle.
  • Share the document with greater control within your organization.

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Since security of your documents is of utmost importance, we have designed Easydocument to Control the level of document access each of your users has to add, search, edit, print and view documents. Set permissions based on user, department, folders etc

  • Set Folder level and File Level Permissions
  • Multiple level security departments or group
  • Set Permissions for printing, saving to local machine, emailing by simply denying the Distribute permission for a document.
  • Complete Audit trail with information such as Who created,who & when updated,when created

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Automate your business processes to efficiently manage operations and eliminate manual effort. Define tasks for a department or for individual for timely approvals

  • Simplify the routing of the document with easy to use workflow set up defined by your business rules
  • Receive your tasks, messages and notifications from the workflow in the inbuilt Inbox or your regular e-mail client. Know immediately about the documents and tasks which need your urgent attention.

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